April 6, 2012

Post about a post "I'm Christian, unless you're gay"

A friend just linked to this post  I'm Christian, unless you're gay.  I'd seen the link yesterday but didn't read it.  Wow, just wow, after reading it.  Such beautiful powerful words.  Tolerance, of others, is a wonderful thing.  That is one thing that I pride myself on:  my tolerance of all other people. I don't "hate" on anyone.  Ever.  I buy homeless guys coffee.  I give my friends thanks.  I try to project love out and tolerance and compassion to all.  Sometimes it's easy to laugh at someone, yes, when they do something funny.  But you have to remember that that is a person behind there.  Someone with love, dreams and hope in there.  Someone with an ego that may have been bruised due to you laughing at them. If they've told you a joke, that's fine to laugh.  But if you're laughing at them because they did something odd/bizarre, to you, that's not tolerant of them.

When he writes of love I wish people could just feel pure, unadulterated love.  Not love "because he's Jewish", or love "because she looks like me".  Just ...... love for the sake of love.  Simply accepting that you love somebody for the beautiful unique creature that they are.  We are all different and unique and special in our own ways.

When the original guy talks in the story about feeling unloved, unwanted, a freak, misunderstood by most I can see his point so well.  I've often felt that way.  Totally misunderstood by most.  Ignored because I'm different.  Not tolerated well, because I'm odd. Because I don't follow rules I'm seen as a freak.  Someone to be shunned. I've often felt shunned.  I feel that way most of the time on Facebook to be honest.  I know some read my posts but I get very few comments.  Because I've alienated people with my thoughts, actions and stances.  I understand this but it doesn't make it easier to accept.  It still hurts.

So yes to copy and paste his words from that post

It’s about love.
It’s about kindness.
It’s about friendship

Practice some love today.  Practice some kindness.  Practice some friendship.  And I'll add in, practice some understanding.

We are the smartest mammals on this planet.  Let's start using our brains and practice love, kindness, friendship and understanding.  Instead of hate, intolerance, and misunderstanding others.

It's only when we open our hearts and let love flow out that we'll gain some compassion for others. Let your love flow out to others today.

Don't let the dark side win the day.

Carpe diem

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