May 18, 2012


The post title is acceptance.  Something I seek in life is acceptance.  For people to accept who I am, what I say, believe and think.  That I'm okay, normal and fun.

Few people with Asperger's can say that they are accepted well by many I'd wager.  We are creatures of logic, of truth and of unvarnished thoughts. Not wrapping our words in tact or thought of how they will be received.

I'd tend to call things bullshit before thinking through should I say that or not.  I'll copy in a post of a guy on a website I've visited a few times.

there was news recently of research showing that people with ASD's reject teleological reasoning almost reflexively.  For example, a neurotypical theist will experience something in their lives and then ask "what is God trying to teach me with this?"; A neurotypical Atheist hears this and has to think through how this doesn't actually make any sense.  But our ASD brains jump straight to "that's bullshit. Stuff just happens, dude."; Indeed, I've always hated with a passion the common admonition of "everything happens for a reason", usually said with an insipid smile.  I find it infuriating.  More than once I've posted on Facebook by way of response "sometimes bad sh*t happens to good people for no goddamn good reason at all, and you are a shallow person indeed if you deny this basic tragedy of the human condition."; I usually garner a few "likes" for this from other atheist folks on FB.

Yeah, I'd agree with him that we'd reflex with "that's bullshit".  But that alienates people.  People don't get it when you say stuff like that.  And therefore you erode your base of friends.

Do you find that, out there in your world?


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