May 21, 2012

Had a good visit with my psychiatrist

Had a wonderful visit with my psychiatrist.  She's a fun lady that makes me feel good.  We had a good giggle together over my lack of speaking "girl" and how I am what I am:  a good mum with a lot of sympathy and empathy.  I may not be a scientist, or a programmer, or a mathematician but I have been given a gift of caring.  A deep sense of caring for people that some don't have.

We talked about my dark days.  She reminded me to get out, breathe deeply of the air, get among people and remember that I am so loved by some.  Some need me in a deep way that no one else can replace.  I am irreplaceable and valuable beyond measure to some. So don't let the ones who don't understand you get you down was her thoughts.  Just carry on, head held high, take the high road, and smile.  Feel loved because you are loved.

She's very encouraging too about the children.  Pointed out that I managed okay without knowing I had Asperger's syndrome.  She pointed out that they are doing okay now, and that she doesn't see a big problem going forward.  Don't cross bridges before you come to them, in other words.

We've agreed that I'm going to take 20 mg of the Zeldox morning and night from now on.  That seems to offer me the best protection against the angers and uncontrolled moods of the mania, and the depths of the despair of the depression.  It's often inter-mingled when I have dark days.  A mix of mania and depression.  Not a nice feeling, at all.

So, yes, carry on, head held high and smile.

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