May 31, 2012

I'm managing okay

I've been on the 20 mg of Zeldox morning and night, and have found that it offers me good stability. I haven't had dips of moods downwards and haven't felt the terrible need to pour out words to somebody.  It offers a nice place to operate from.

Things are going okay at home here, but the kids seem to like staying up later and later.  It's very hard when I pass out at 10 pm roughly due to taking my pills at dinner time.  I need the quetiapine to sleep at night.  But they literally knock me out by then.  Tim is pretty tired most nights, as well.  So, as a result, I've found the girls up at 1 am some nights, when their laughing has woken me up.  Not very good for them, and not very nice for me.

Hopefully, we'll find a happy balance in there between them feeling that they can stay up all night, and me getting my sleep.

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