June 2, 2012

Quite annoyed about our laptop

We bought a new lap top last December for the girls to use.  Back in April approximately Sarah told me that it wouldn't turn on.  It did a constant beeping sound when you powered it up.  I didn't know what the issue was.  I asked her if she'd spilled anything on it and she said no.  So, I took it to the local computer repair shop.  They had it for about 1 week and said that they thought it was a stuck key.  So, I picked it up and took it to the store from where I bought it.  We have a service plan with them.  I reported that it wouldn't boot up.  Didn't know exactly what was wrong with it.  So, signed a contract that they'd ship it off to the Gateway dealer.  2 weeks pass by.  Yesterday I get a call that the laptop is in.  So, this morning I drive the 30 minutes it takes over to the store.  There, I go to get it, expecting it to be all shiny and ready to take home.  They did NOTHING with it.  Apparently liquid did get spilled on it (why did it take 2 weeks to figure this out!??).  They won't do any work on it, although there's a signed sheet saying I authorize them to work on it.  So, they ship it back to the store.  So, now I've explicitly said, yes, go ahead and fix it.  I didn't sign anything further, mind you.  All he did was make a notation on the work order.  Like they couldn't have called me and let me know what the FUCKING issue was??  Terrible service. So, it's being sent back to the service depot for them to work on it, hopefully to fix it.  Repair bill may be 200 to 500 dollars depending on if the motherboard is damaged.  So, I am very angry at Sarah.  I'm very angry at the lousy service.  I'm very angry that this damn laptop is now unusable for over 1 month.  Just, very very frustrating.  It'll be another 2 to 3 weeks for them to work on it.  So, we're talking end of June here.  Terrible service.  Future Shop in Gatineau.  They suck.

Thankfully my mood is stable enough that I was able to calmly tell Sarah "you won't be using the laptop again, my dear", and put up with the screaming and crying that resulted.  She thinks I'm calling her stupid and dumb. you see. when I tell her this calmly.  That's the "fun" of a sensitive child.  If you say something she doesn't like, you pay for it with tantrums of the sort like this.

Remind me again why I bought a laptop? 

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